Cubs Win!

The Cubs last home series of the year and I was sitting one row behind the Cubs dugout.  Growing up a Cub fan in a family full of sports fanatics having seats like this was like Christmas had come early. 

 To be this close to the game allows a person to see the personalities of the players they have been rooting for.  Good and bad.

 I have always liked watching Marlon Byrd play ball.  Always hustling and seems to enjoy the game.  Up close he is working harder then I thought, running out plays even when he knows he will be thrown out.  He also plays the game with a kid’s heart, constantly smiling and joking with teammates and interacting with fans.  There was a young boy that kept coming down to the area by our seats hoping for a ball.  Marlon Byrd, while running in to the dugout spots the kid, comes back out of the dugout with a ball and gives it to the kid.  Our whole section cheered the kid’s persistence and our center fielder for making the kids day.

 Our (if you have been a fan long enough you get to say “our”) third baseman is another story.  Not hustling after ground balls and not running hard down the line to beat out the throw.  He doesn’t even smile at the fans.  I was never a big fan of his and now seeing this display, even less.

 Several of the other players were great to watch.  Joking with the fans and playing baseball like it should be played.  Even when they knew that the camera was not on they did not change. 

 I hope that in our professions the people we are working with see that we are consistently working hard, that we enjoy what we do, that we treat people well and that we smile.

-Jeremy Olivotti