Right now I am studying a positive attitude book. Talk about eye opening.  I have always considered myself to be a positive person; I am realizing that the journey is just beginning.  The largest part of what we do at Mid-States is help people.  Contractors, architects and developers would cover the majority of the people that I work with.  If I am not positive all the time there is zero chance that I will be helpful or enjoyable to work with.  Not to mention zero fun.  Think about the people we work with at our companies.  The people we rely on to help us help our customers.  How much does our attitude toward them influence our effectiveness as a team?

 Invest in yourself.  Study things that will be helpful to you. 

Attitude should be studied by everyone.

Leadership should be studied if you are in that position.  You owe it to yourself and to those that follow you.

Read something funny.  We could all smile more.  This is especially important to my fellow cub fans, since every summer…well you know what happens.

 Read YES! Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer.

Read Quotes From Winston Churchill and think about how fast your HR manager would have to fire him for offending everyone.


 -Jeremy Olivotti


It’s Only Ice Cream

Last night was captain night at my daughters cheer leading practice.  The Lord saw fit to bless me with two daughters and to prove he has a sense of humor they both are on the school cheerleading team.  Each cheerleader votes for two varsity and two jv captains.  Neither of my girls received the honor of being captain.  Both were very disappointed when they got home.  What made my wife and I proud as parents was that they both were first to congratulate the girls who did receive the honor.  My youngest is turning 11 next month and already understands the importance of the team.  When asked what she thought about the whole captain thing her response was, “They will be good captains and I will do my best to make sure I help them be good captains.”

In business part of what we need to do is help our partners be the best and most successful they can be.

 Both of my girls are smart enough to know how to wrap dad around their finger too.  So I did go rent them movies and buy ice cream.  I am grateful that captain night is once a year.  After a trip to the local Dairy Haus I am in a personal recession. How much?  It’s only ice cream.

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